KALK. Saturday, August 6, 2016. The German government has removed an important obstacle for refugees trying to find a job: if a refugee and an employer have agreed upon a working contract the latter is no longer obliged to appeal to the „Job Center“ in order to be allowed to engage the refugee instead of a German or EU citizen (the so-called „Vorrangprüfung“). A respective amendment to federal German legislation on foreigners has come into force as from today, Saturday, for Cologne and the whole Rhineland region.

The new legislation applies to refugees who are living at least 3 months in Germany and are allowed to take up a job.

The city of Cologne had been one of the most important industrial hotspots in Europe in the early decades of the last century, comprising also Maschinenbauanstalt Humboldt AG in Kalk, manufacturing tractor engines. One of the former factory buildings now hosts the Abenteuerhallen Kalk.